Thursday, January 6, 2011

day six

"Necesitas una novia Latina para aprender español mas rapido......y mas divertido......."

Someone sent me the helpful above line in a message last night. He suggested this will help me a lot for learning Spanish. And I agree with him.

Essentially, for men, the driving reason to completely change the words you use to describe every object, emotion, and action in your life should be a woman. And if its a pretty woman, its even better.

This makes complete sense. In general in relationships, this phrase comes up often, "thats not what I said!" But now that I have to learn new words for everything it makes total sense now when the woman says that. Of course thats not what she said! I need to learn all the new words for these emotions, etc. No wonder I don't know whats going on in her mind - I don't even have anywhere near the vocabulary to express what she might be going through right now after I didn't take out the garbage.

So lets break it down, because the above sentence gives me my muy importante ocho parablas para la dia. (correct? I have no idea).

- Necesitas. - Necessary. Lots of things are necessary. Or not necessary. The first place I turn is my now go-to spanish-english dictionary writer. (see day 4). his first example:
" cuando necesito un trago" - when I'm in need of a drink.

So I've got "Cuando" (when) and "trago" (drink). This guy's life is tough. He's working all night on his Spanish-English. He tried to pay some girl, then tried to pay el otro, and nothing worked out for him. then yesterday it was "a lesson he'll never forget" - "una leccion nunca jamas olvidaro."

So now after all of that, he needs a drink. "cuando necesito un trago". Pretty soon i will be able to write, in Spanish, the biography of our anonymous spanish-english dictionary writer.

Now it gets good, from my friend who sent me the above message. Necesito una novia Latina. "una novia Latina" a pretty Spanish girl. Because what else is life worth living for?

There is no way in hell i would be going through the torture of putting together this mish-mash of adverbs, conjugates, subjunctives, without una novia Latina by my side.

"para aprender mas rapido. " in order to learn faster. I don't even need to look that up. Thats my assumption what that means. I read you should try to figure stuff out without looking it up. And then you should hear someone say it. I'll get Claudia to say it to me later. With conviction! "Necesito una novia Latia para aprender mas rapido"

the prettier, the more rapidly I'll learn, is the implication.

then the "... y mas divertido",

NOTE: Those three dots are like a wink when I translate them to English. Must remember that three dots in Spanish are like a wink. its not like in English when three dots just mean "pause". In Spanish everything is a bit more passionate. There's something sly happening, an intrigue that takes place in the three dots.

Again, I'm going to guess: "y mas divertido" - "and more fun". Lets look up "divertido" and see what examples my sad friend, the dictionary writer, has in store.

First example: "¡qué divertido! ¿ahora me dices que no puedes ir?" - "thats just great! Now you tell me you can't go. "

So he must've asked some girl out, she said yes, and then at the last moment she said no. "que divertido!" At that point he could've replied "no me importa un carajo". thats what I would've said. But he has to rub it in. "ahora me dices que no puedes ir?"

So I get it: "Ahora" is now. "me dices" must be "you tell me" , know "que" is that. and "ir" is to go. So "no puedes ir" must be "can't go".

I've learned a lot today and I need to spend time reviewing it. Porque una dia, before I terminado, I hope comprender mi novia Latina.


  1. HA HA HA HA this is SO good, I am cracking up!

  2. aprendi de tu blog mediante el de Claudia. creo que el dicho de que aprender un lenguaje es mejor mediante obtener una novia o novio es universal. dicen lo mismo sobre el Mandarin.

  3. Arturo, the good thing is, i was totally able to understand your post wthout looking anything up. I could fillin the blanks. pero no, no aprender Mandarin.

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